These two wines together form a beautiful duo as a calling card for the indigenous grapes of Macedonia. Freshness, minerality and floral are the characteristics of these wines.

The Amfora Cuvée White from the winery Dalvina is a dry fresh white wine. This complex wine is a blend of Zupljanka, Rkatsiteli and Smederevka. Each with its unique beauty in the deep palette of flavors with aromas of green apple and citrus fruits with a slight buttery note in the long finish.

The Temjanika Classic from theTikveš winery is a semi-dry white wine made from the indigenous grape variety Temjanika. The pronounced aromas of violets with notes of overripe mandarin, nutmeg flavor with a discreet body and a unique finish. The color is golden yellow.

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Wine package white

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    • Dalvina Amfora Cuvée White
    • Tikveš Temjanika Classic
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