When you think of Macedonian wines, you think of the red wines made from characteristic Balkan grape varieties that represent the character of the people who live in these areas; warm-blooded and strong. The Vranec and Kratosija are indigenous variety grapes that have a long history in Macedonia.

One of the most famous and best-selling Macedonian wines is T'ga Za Jug . This semi-dry red wine made from the Vranec grape has an intense red color, distinctive aroma of raisins and raspberries, ripe tannins and sweet taste.

The Kratosija Crveno is also from theTikveš winery . This smooth fruity red wine is a blend of the indigenous grapes Kratoshija and Vranec. The red fruit aromas such as red currants, cherries and red currants with a delicious smooth finish.

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    • Tikveš T'ga Za Jug
    • Tikveš Kratosija Crveno
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