Besides wine and rakija, beer is a common and popular alcoholic drink in Macedonia. Macedonia therefore has a number of its own beer brands and breweries, which usually produce blond lagers.

The most famous beer in Macedonia is Skopsko ('from Skopje'), which is brewed by the Pivara Skopje in the capital of the same name. Skopsko beer contains 4.9% alcohol. The beer has a golden yellow color and a firm white foam. The characteristic bitter taste comes from the hops, barley and yeast. The beer is moderately carbonated and contains no preservatives. Production started long in 1924. The brewery is now part of the Dutch group Heineken and also distributes Heineken and Amstel beers in Macedonia. It has 64% of the market in Macedonia. It was the first commercial beer, the best-known and best-selling beer brand in the country.

The slogans of this brand have never been modest, nevertheless, it is always completely true. "The best of Macedonia", "Our best", "Skopsko, anything is possible" and the current slogan "I want Skopsko".

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Chamber of Commerce number: 70394466

VAT: NL002413124B63



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