Whether you have already been to Macedonia or you are curious about this country, with this package you can taste the warm-heartedness and hospitality of the people. Rakija, wine and ajvar are the foundation of Macedonian gastronomy.

Rakija Stara Lozova Zolta from the Traikovsky winery is a traditional, homemade grape brandy with a specific flavor, aged for 3 years in the local Kichevo "blagunj" oak. It has an intensive aroma of oak, honey, cinnamon with refreshing notes of light vanilla and coffee. You can also taste a hint of peach and dark plums.

Rakija is served in special glasses called čokanjes.

One of the most famous and best-selling Macedonian wines is T'ga Za Jug. This semi-dry red wine has an intense red color, characteristic aroma of raisins and raspberries, ripe tannins and sweet taste.

The Temjanika Smolnik from the winery Popov bright yellow-green in color and has intense muscat aromas of lychee with flowery (white roses) and fruity notes. A fresh and harmonious muscat taste with a pleasant sweetness and a long finish.

The Ajvar from Perustija is a spread and has a mild taste of grilled sweet red pointed peppers and aubergines. Delicious on toast.

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Sweet Macedonia package

SKU: wa50swmac
    • Traikovsky - Lozova Rakija Zolta
    • 2 čo cans
    • Tikveš T'ga Za Jug
    • Popov Temjanika Smolnik
    • Perustija Ajvar Mild 560gr
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