What makes Macedonia so special as a wine country is not only the centuries-old wine history, but precisely the diversity of indigenous grapes that are not so richly featured in other countries. Are you a true wine lover and would you like to shift your taste palette with indigenous grapes, then this discovery package is highly recommended.

The Elegija Rkaciteli from the winery Dalvina has a yellow-greenish color. This wine has an intensely fruity trail with discreet spices and spicy undertones. The taste is full, harmonious, with a pronounced body and a long finish.

The Smederevka Belo from the Tikveš winery is a fresh and fruity white wine made from the Smederevka and Riesling grapes. This balanced wine has an aroma palette of citrus, tropical and stone fruit. The aftertaste is clean and lively.

Zupljanka from the winery Dalvina is made from the Zupljanka grape that grows on more than 60-year-old vines, which can be tasted well in the wine. It has a golden straw-like color, is relatively low in alcohol with fresh citrus-leaf and banana acidities and pronounced minerality. Zupljanka tastes like green apple and lime, enhanced with refreshing acidity, the wine is rich, ripe and full of flavor.

The Pink Classic from the Tikveš winery has a crystal pink color and has neither a light nor a fresh taste. Even though the label says 'semi dry rosé', this rosé is more semi sweet.

Stanushina Rose from the Popova Kula winery is a beautiful dry rosé with a soft light pink color. The aromas are intense and rich. You will come across wild strawberry, spring flowers and dogwood juice flavors. The aromas of fresh red fruit, strawberries and raspberries are unmistakable. The taste is elegant and long-lasting, yet fresh and pleasant at the same time.

The Procupec from the winery Venec is a dry red wine made from the native Procupec grape. Characterized by an intense violet color and aromas of sour cherries and mirabelle plums. Fruity and elegant wine with medium body and tamed tannins, with more of those cherries and cocoa in the taste accompanied by a lively acidity and a long lingering finish.

Price includes bottle shipping packaging worth 4.90 € (6 bottles)

Native Grapes Package

SKU: wa50indr
    • Dalvina Elegija Rkaciteli
    • Tikveš Smederevka Belo
    • Dalvina Astraion Zupljanka
    • Tikveš Pink Classic (kratosija)
    • Popova Kula Stanushina Rose
    • Venec Prokupec
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