Since the time of the Roman Empire, wine production has been a tradition in Macedonia and the Tikvesh region for centuries. As then and now, Macedonia is known for the amazingly powerful wines they produce with the scent of the south, the taste of songs and laughter of the people living in this region. One of the largest wine producers in Macedonia is theTikveš winery and has been around since 1885.

The Temjanika Classic from the Tikveš winery is a semi-dry white wine. The pronounced aromas of violets with notes of overripe mandarin, nutmeg flavor with a discreet body and a unique finish. The color is golden yellow.

The Pink Classic from the winery Tikveš made from the Kratosija grape has a crystal pink color and has neither a light nor fresh taste. This rosé is semi dry with a slight sweetness.

One of the most famous and best-selling Macedonian wines is T'ga Za Jug. This semi-dry red wine made from the Vranec has an intense red color, characteristic aroma of raisins and raspberries, ripe tannins and sweet taste.

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Package Three Colors

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    • Tikveš Temjanika Classic
    • Tikveš Pink Classic
    • Tikveš T'ga Za Jug
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