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The highest waterfall in Macedonia

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Macedonia.

But which one is the highest?

The Korab waterfall is located in the upper reaches of the River Dlaboka on Mount Korab.

The height of the waterfall varies from 70 to 134 m above sea level. The upper point of the waterfall is at about 2050 m and the lower point at about 1950 m.

The best access to the waterfall is via the valley of the River Dlaboka. It can be accessed from the left side of the river via the villages of Nistrovo and Zuznje, or from the right side via Bibanje, passing the Kabash peak. The paths are narrow and poorly marked, and in several places the river has to be crossed at unprotected crossings.

It was formed as a result of the outflow of a huge glacier that deepened the upper bed of the Dlaboka Reka and cut the rock in its path.

The waterfall can only be seen clearly from a distance in the spring months and in early summer, when the volume of water is greater. In winter, it is completely frozen.

Because of the inaccessible terrain and the short time interval in which it can be visited, few people have the opportunity to see it in its full glory. The best time to visit is June, when the snow will not be a major obstacle to reach the waterfall, and due to the melting of the remaining snow, the amount of water is relatively large.


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