The Bay of Bones

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The Museum on Water is located on the eastern coast of Lake Ohrid near the auto camp Gradishte, the Bay of the Bones. From the city of Ohrid the Museum is around 14 km away. Archeologists had discovered a prehistoric site in the lake dating from 1200 and 700 B.C, which spread on over 8.500 m2.

The archeological research Plate Michov City started in 1997. At a depth of 3 to 5 meters,wooden pillars were dicovered as well as rich archeological material dating from the Bronze age and the beginning of the Iron Ages. The remains of 6000 wooden pillars were discovered and documented.

The Museum on Water is a reconstructed settlement/village that existed even before the Roman Empire. The fortification is located upon a hill.

The site got its name the Bay of Bones due to the fact when the excavations were done, archeologists found a large number of animal bones.

The complex has an acceess facility and coffee bar, a base for underwater archeology and development of underwater tourism. Diving Club Amfora is situated on this location as well. It's an unforgetable experiance discovering the beauties of Lake Ohrid and learning diving for the first time (or as a professional for this matter)

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