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Meet and greet with Natasa from Pirustija

PIRUSTIJA Nedanoski is the name of a rural household, an authentic family experience, located three kilometres from Ohrid, in the village of Ramne, offering an extraordinary story.

We at Pirustia are a family of four: me Natasha, my husband Vasko, and our two sons, Christian and Petar. For more than a decade, we have been maintaining the family's old stone house, which we restore, preserving its authentic look and refinishing the space around it. Since eight years we have been engaged in mini-livestock farming, i.e. for our needs we keep and breed animals and birds in our small farm. The idea was born out of the possibility for our children to eat healthy and fresh food produced in rural, ecological conditions. We have recently incorporated farming into our activities, growing vegetable crops.

We spontaneously started preparing traditional dishes - especially meat dishes made from flour, such as: pita, presnec, koshmishpi, gjomleze and the favourite komaT. The special feature is that the food is baked under a sach (pear) on a pirustia, which is where our name comes from.

The whole concept of working with groups of visitors is that guests experience a full day in the countryside. They are not passive order takers and consumers of food, but active visitors who can be involved in the whole process. We welcome them with homemade sweets from our orchards and pure, tested cold spring water. The preparation of the piece and the whole production takes place in front of the visitors' eyes, from sowing the flour, chopping the vegetables, collecting eggs from the henhouses, kneading the dough, rolling and finally the baking process.

While the piece is baking, guests can enjoy a seasonal salad, vegetable pastas, roasted vegetables and mushrooms with homemade sauce, cheese, nuts and homemade brisket and homemade sour milk is also served with the piece. To finish, there is of course a homemade dessert, a glass of homemade wine and a cup of coffee.

The difference and uniqueness of this offer is that guests are relaxed, have freedom of movement, can visit the farm animals, feed or pet them, have the opportunity to collect fruit from the midwife or get involved in one of the food production processes. Families with children come to Pirustia, finding carefree and extraordinary experiences more than useful. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, overlooking the lake, guests enjoy privacy because the day they rent is just for them.

If you got interested by this story then you can book very easily.

Currently there are 2 rooms for rent (see photos) . The rooms made in old Macedonian style and feel very homely.

Contact email address of Natasa Nedanoska is

Natasa speaks good English.

Due to more visitors in summer, early booking is recommended.

Have fun!

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