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Updated: Jan 3

According to the hystorians, Lychnidos (the ancient name of Ohrid, meaning Light giving) was built in the 4th century BC. According to the myths and legends it was during the times of other classical civilisations such as Phoenicia and Troy in the 2nd millenium BC. Whatever the actuality is, Ohrid was and is a secret and mistery city. It is a city where royal golden masks have been found, where the Goddess of destiny, Isis used to have her cult; where magnificent basilicas were built as Christianity evolved; where the famous St. Clement and Naum founded one of the first universities of Europe; Czar Samuil, the creator of the first medieval Macedonian empire, had his throne. Where the Ohrid Archbishopric was founded.

Trapped in the mysticism of its natural aura, Ohrid brings peace to mind, body and soul.

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Chamber of Commerce number: 70394466

VAT: NL002413124B63



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