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I am Ana Bojadziev, from Ohrid, Macedonia (former Yugoslavia). I have lived in the Netherlands for twenty years. I came to the Netherlands - how could it be otherwise - for love. My husband Bob and I, together with our children, share our current life and love in cozy Apeldoorn.

I am the proud owner of the website . I have put my love and bliss in this website, including many hours of work. The reason why I do this is to make my beloved Ohrid , the picturesque, historic pearl that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , known to the general public.

What makes Ohrid4u so special? I know both worlds: the language, the customs, the traditions of Macedonia and the spirit of the western world. What I want to achieve is to develop a platform where locals and visitors come together. The well-visited facebook page Ohrid4u and the facebook group Ohrid4u Club , prove that my mission has been successful. In the group, members can discuss topics and experiences and enjoy each other's photos taken in Ohrid or elsewhere in Macedonia.

Ohrid4u provides extensive information regarding your trip to Ohrid or Macedonia. Accommodation, excursions and various activities can also be booked on our website. I am happy to help and mediate for you, so that you can make the best choice. Have fun on our platform.

Ohrid4u was founded on 01-01-2018




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"Goede site met veel informatie. Voor vragen kun je er terecht, snel antwoord. Goede vakantietips!"

Cindy Grootelaar

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