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Are you dealing with limited dental insurance coverage? Dental tourism may be the answer. Are you looking for an affordable dentist with an excellent reputation? Again, dental tourism can be for you.Dental Holiday is a better way for dental tourists to find affordable, high quality dental care in beautiful holiday destinations like Macedonia.

  • Are you interested in getting implants with a lifetime warranty while saving up to 70%. We offer all dental services done by professionals. You get 2 years warranty on the implants, and 5 years warranty on the prosthetic services.

  • We offer high quality accommodation

  • We offer transfer from the airport to the accommodation

  • We offer 1 excursion to discover the beauties of Ohrid.

Step 1

Send us your ortopan or an offer from your country so we can make you an offer.

Step 2

We will send you a FREE non-binding offer from our dental clinic and accommodation.

Step 3

Travel to Ohrid and return home with a smile! We take care of the holiday, the accommodation and the dental work!




A deposit of 30% is required to confirm this holiday. The remaining amount will be charged on the spot.  We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card and Maestro cards. You will receive an invoice and documents with which you can claim the costs at your insurance office.


Adequate and valid travel insurance covering medical expenses - is compulsory.


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