Update COVID 19


Covid update Macedonia as of 12-04-2022


- The new government decrees abolish the measure for compulsory wearing of face masks in closed areas, except for health centers, pharmacies, public transport (bus, train, plane, cab), institutions for care of the elderly and people with special needs. 

- Also, corona certificates are no longer required when visiting pubs and restaurants..

- A corona certificate is still asked for upon arrival in Macedonia. 

The Macedonian government recognizes the corona certificate (Digital Corona Certificate - DCC). You can travel to Macedonia with your corona certificate (EU Digital Corona Certificate- DCC) if you:
- are fully vaccinated or;

- have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours on arrival, or;

- have a negative antigen test not older than 48 hours on arrival, or;

- have a recovery certificate from corona of at least 45 days.

Covid update Macedonia as at 18-02-2022

The colour code of the travel advice from The Netherlands concerning Macedonia is green. You can travel to Macedonia but there are entry restrictions for travellers from the Netherlands.

Travel to Macedonia:

The Macedonian government recognises the corona pass (Digital Corona Certificate - DCC). You can travel to Macedonia with your corona passport (EU Digital Corona Certificate - DCC) if you:
are fully vaccinated and have proof of such, or;

have a negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours on arrival, or

have a negative antigen test that is not older than 48 hours upon arrival, or

have a recovery certificate from corona of at least 45 days.

You do not have to go into quarantine.

This does not apply to transit travellers who leave Macedonia within 5 hours.
When visiting bars and restaurants it is still required to show the COVID certificate.

Covid update Macedonia as at 07-02-2022

Travel to Macedonia:

The Macedonian government recognises the corona pass (Digital Corona Certificate - DCC). You can travel to Macedonia with your corona passport (EU Digital Corona Certificate - DCC) if you:
are fully vaccinated and have proof of such, or;

have a negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours on arrival, or

have a negative antigen test that is not older than 48 hours upon arrival, or

have a recovery certificate from corona of at least 45 days.

You do not have to go into quarantine.

This does not apply to transit travellers who leave Macedonia within 5 hours.
When visiting bars and restaurants it is still required to show the COVID certificate.

Covid update Macedonia as at 16-08-2021

Due to the large number of new cases of covid-19, new restrictive measures have been introduced since 16 August. Only vaccinated persons are allowed to attend indoor events and restaurants and cafes are allowed to operate only on summer terraces.

During the governmental session, several decisions were made to prevent the spread of the new wave of covid-19:

From 16 August, working and organising all kinds of indoor events in all catering establishments will be completely prohibited.
A compulsory proof of vaccination (at least the first dose) will be introduced from 16 August. Proof of vaccination will be requested at the entrance of any type of facility, including catering establishments where there are more than 30. attendees. New rules are valid for any event (party, concert, seminar, training, workshop, conference, cultural or sporting event).
The attachment and possession of a vaccine certificate - at least the first dose of vaccine, applies to persons over 18 years of age.

Covid update Macedonia 02-08-2021:


The colour code for Macedonia is yellow. After a stay in Macedonia, you do not have to submit a negative test when returning to the Netherlands and you do not have to go into (home) quarantine. Please note that as of 8 August 2021, you must show a corona certificate when you return from Macedonia.

Only children under 12 are exempt from the rules. Anyone who has not yet been fully vaccinated or who has recently recovered from corona must obtain a negative corona test abroad. This can be a PCR test or an antigen test. The PCR test must not be more than 48 hours old.

This can be obtained from the covid department at Ohrid City Hospital.

You can go there every day (except Sundays) between 07:30 and 09:30 for a test.  You do not need an appointment.

2 copies of your passport (here you write your email address and phone number) and payment of 2.150 mkd (cash) are necessary for requesting PCR test.

The result will be sent by email the same day after 5pm.

Antigen test can be done at the airport, 1500mkd, results in 30min

Location address: Sirma Vojvoda 1 

Covid update Macedonia 21-06-2021:

As of 24-06-2021, Macedonia has code yellow. 

Safe country/area: no negative test results and home quarantine
Are you traveling from a country/area outside the EU with a low COVID-19-risk, a safe country, to the Netherlands? If so, you do not have to have a negative test result. You also do not have to go into home quarantine (stay at home) on arrival in the Netherlands. This also applies to areas within the EU with a green or yellow travel advice due to corona. See which countries have which color code on Nederlandwereldwijd.nl. 

Please check out the travelling rules in the country that you are travelling from

Covid update Macedonia 16-06-2021:

As of today, there is no curfew. Restaurants and bars are fully open. Events, concerts and outdoor parties allowed

Update Covid 19 Ohrid - Macedonia 01-06-2021

According to the Ministry of Health, 1,325 tests have been carried out in the last 24 hours and 3 new cases of COVID-19 have been registered.

Currently, there are 1197 active cases across the whole country.

Vaccinations are in progress.

- The measure to wear a protective mask outdoors is abolished with a recommendation to wear a mask when in a larger group. The measure for the mandatory wearing of a protective mask in public transport, taxi rides and in all enclosed spaces remains;
- The presence of spectators at sports matches held outdoors (up to 30% of the total spectator capacity) is allowed, with a mandatory distance between spectators of 1.5-2m (three seats);

- The measure prohibiting groups in public spaces of up to 4 people is abolished;

- It is permitted to organise weddings, celebrations in open space / summer terraces up to a maximum of 100 people, but not exceeding 50% of the capacity of the space. The presence of musicians is allowed only when organising weddings, and in accordance with the appropriate protocol;

- The number of people at one table in the catering industry will be increased from four to six people by maintaining the recommended distance between people at the table;

- The curfew measure will remain valid until 15.06.2021

Update Covid 19 Ohrid - Macedonia 12-05-2021

Also in Macedonia there are many easements in force. The number of infections per day is very getting low.

Vaccinations are in full progress.

- curfew is shortened from 00:00 to 04:00

- Catering services (terraces only) are open until 23:30. 

- sports schools and fitness clubs reopen

If you fly to Macedonia, please check the measurements per country if you need to show valid PCR test. If you are flying from the Netherlands to Macedonia no test is needed. However , returning  to the Netherlands you need a PCR test that is valid for 24 hours. The cost for this test is 2550 den (42€). If you are at the airport within 24 hours, you do not need a rapid test. If you need a rapid test it normally costs 15-20€. Currently there are test points at both airports that offer rapid tests. The Macedonian government has 50000 free quick tests available for foreign tourists.

The Dutch cabinet is going to make it possible again to issue different travel advice for countries where it is (relatively) safe.

The cabinet emphasizes that the Netherlands itself is not welcome everywhere. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on the travel app and also to consult the information of the countries targeted.

Update Covid 19 Ohrid - Macedonia 06-04-2021


The new measures valid from 06-04-2021 until 20-04-2021.

- curfew is imposed from 20:00 until 05:00

- Restaurants and bars are closed during this period. It is possible to order food online. Food can be delivered or picked up.

- Visiting betting shops is prohibited. Sales are only possible at the ticket office.

- Sports schools and fitness clubs will close

- It is forbidden to organise, hold and participate in seminars, trainings, courses and other similar events from 6 April.

-People who live in flats and have dogs may let them out until 23:00, at a maximum distance of 100 metres from the building where they live.

- Groups of more than 4 people are strictly forbidden.

Update Covid 19 Ohrid - Macedonia 20-08-2020

After a stay in Macedonia, a quarantine for 10 days is obliged when you  return to your own country.  For the latest developments in the country, follow the instructions of the local government and follow the news. 

Are you planning to go to Macedonia, keep the following in mind:

- Mouth masks are mandatory everywhere: public transport, stores, bank, hotels, restaurants, bars, market, doctor ezv. In the bars and restaurants the mouth masks are not mandatory while sitting down. 

- At the airport everything is perfectly arranged. Mouth masks are mandatory. Upon arrival shoes are disinfected, body temperature is measured by special cameras; in the waiting room all seats are 1.5m away.

Update Covid 19 Ohrid - Macedonia 23-06-2020

The government of Macedonia decided today to fully open all borders to the free movement of Macedonian and foreign citizens. PCR tests and 14 days quarantine are no longer necessary. This decision is valid from 26 June.
Skopje International Airport and St. Apostle Paul's Airport in Ohrid will open their doors on 1st of July.
The restaurants and bars, will also be allowed to serve guests within the objects according to an appropriate protocol from 26 June onwards. Until now this was only possible on the terraces .
From Friday, June 26, 2020 the gyms may work again and shopping centres may be open on Sundays as well. 

Update Covid 19 Ohrid - Macedonia 17-06-2020

- Entry of Macedonian citizens and foreigners with a regulated temporary or permanent residence in Macedonia is allowed. Valid negative PCR test (made from nose and throat) not older than 72 hours from the day of issue of the test must be demonstrated at the border. Travellers entering Macedonia with a valid negative PCR test still have to fill in a declaration for domestic self isolation for 14 days.
- Those who do not have a PCR test are referred to a mandatory state quarantine for 14 days. They are sent to one of the previously established facilities with organised transport and police escort.
- Foreign citizens can transit through the territory of Macedonia (via all land border crossings). This means that they enter at one border crossing and leave at another, with the obligation not to leave the motorway or the local road during transit. Transit must be achieved in a maximum of 5 hours, for which they fill in an appropriate declaration.



source: MVR

Update Covid 19 Ohrid - Macedonia 16-06-2020


The Government of the Republic of Macedonia decided to open all border crossings in the country from tomorrow, June 17. By applying the measures that are active, and for entering Macedonia it is mandatory to submit a valid negative PCR. test, not older than 72 hours.

The state quarantine measure for a period of 14 days remains in force for all citizens or foreigners with a regulated stay in the country, who do not have a valid PCR test or have submitted an invalid PCR test upon entry into the territory of Macedonia.
Protocol for operation of catering facilities for accommodation – 
This protocol that starts on the 22nd of June  regulates the procedures for the hotel-accommodation, then the recommendations and measures for receiving and accommodating guests, restaurant procedures, the use of sanitair facilities, as well as the recommendations for guests and who are dealing with COVID-19 symptoms.
Today, the Protocol on the operation of swimming pools was also established. Swimming pools are opened only for members of swimming clubs, and not for recreational swimming.
As a result of the extended travel restrictions for all foreign flights to and from the Republic of Macedonia, Wizz Air and Tui suspend all flights to the country until July 13th and July the 15th. 

Update Covid 19 Ohrid – Macedonia 24 -05-2020

Today at 11:00, the 42-hour curfew on the territory of the entire country enters into force, as part of the measures of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The ban will last until Tuesday, by 05:00. 

Country borders are expected to open in mid-June. The screening should end this week, and from next week the kindergartens will start working. 
What is especially important for Ohrid, as the largest tourist place in the country, is certainly the date on which the catering facilities will come into operation. Officially, they will open next week, but there is no official confirmation. The hospitality industry has only received the protocol, i.e. the way they have to work after the opening of the summer terraces.
Diverse flights are planned to Ohrid airport in June. We hope there won't be any changes. Please check your travel agency for more information.


Update Covid 19 Ohrid – Macedonia 13-05-2020

Yesterday the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, assessed the coronavirus situation in the country as stable.
As of today, dental practices, sports shops and other counter shops, educational centers, adult training and seminars, and driving schools are starting to function.
The government is expected to approve a plan to open restaurants and bars next week, but this will depend on the situation and compliance with the measures.

The opening of the hotels, is scheduled for week 22. This too will depend on the development of the situation. 

At the moment, the curfew is still in effect. Step by step, however, measures will be made more flexible, depending on the situation.

Source: Ohrid Press

Update Covid 19 Ohrid – Macedonia 10-05-2020

  • No new cases of COVID19 coronavirus cases have been registered in Ohrid for more than 20 days. The Center for Public Health in Ohrid announced that there are no more active COVID19 patients in Ohrid and Debrca.

  • The total number of COVID19 diagnosed in Macedonia since the beginning of the epidemic is 1,642, the number of recovered patients is 1,136, the death toll is 91, and currently the number of active cases in the country is 415. So far, a total of 19,096 COVID 19 tests have been made in Macedonia

  • The trend of new cases with COVID19 in the last two days, as indicated, will be considered at the meeting of the Commission for Infectious Diseases on Monday (11.05.2020), after which new recommendations will be given to the Government for further action in relation to the measures. Citizens are urged to adhere to the measures consistently, to comply with the ban on groups larger than two people, to keep a distance of at least two meters and to wear protective equipment (in case the space between citizens is less than prescribed)

  • TAV Macedonia recently stated that they are preparing to open airports in the country, pending the exact date and decision of the competent institutions, which are in coordination with the international aviation authorities where activities are underway to find the most appropriate unified solutions for air transport of passengers. The airline is also waiting for official information from the Government and the competent aviation authorities so that they can confirm their planned routes from Skopje and Ohrid. The destinations and frequency of flights this year will also depend on the internal organization and the decisions of the airlines, because they, as part of the airline business, are significantly affected by the crisis with the virus.


  • It has been announced that the catering sector in Ohrid will soon start work and some of them have started preparing the facilities for opening.

- According to initial announcements, the measures will provide for the detention of up to four people at one table, not necessarily from the same family, but at a certain distance between two tables or with a Plexiglas or glass border.

- the bars and restaurants can be able to work only under special hygienic conditions, in open spaces/teracces.

- Food and drinks served be served in desinfected dishes and glasses. Using disposable plates and glasses may beo ne of the options as well.

- The opening hours of the coffee bars and restaurants will be until 18:00 or 19:00.

Source: Ohrid Press